St. Andrew’s Church rebuilt in 1616

Ornate Main Altar

Eternal rest

Side view of the church


Church Notices: 18th February 2018

1st  Sunday of Lent                                                                            18th February, 2018                    NOTICES FOR THE WEEK 17th / 18th  February, 2018 During Lent please note the change in Mass timings on Sundays. Masses in the morning...

First-Hand Experience: How To Get High When You Are Feeling Low

When there are too many problems in life, you become short tempered, negative, or resentful. It happens to the best of us, but how we deal with these negative emotions is what matters. So, when Lourdes Netto of the Andrean Youth Movement’s (AYM) Liturgical Wing...

Simple Ways To Make The Lenten Season Meaningful

When you hear the word 'Lent', automatically one thinks of not eating sweets or meat as a form fasting and abstinence and many consider it time to go on a 'diet' and lose weight. But lent is much more than that, it is a time of introspection; and abstinence and...


Circa 1575, the church of St. Andrew was built at the dawn of Christianity in Bombay (Mumbai). For over four centuries, it has withstood the fury of the Monsoons and political upheaval. While even a visitor from the 16th century would instantly recognize this heritage church, it has evolved into a vibrant Parish of the 21st century. We invite you, dear Visitor, to take a tour around our website.




To be a worshipping community, reaching out to others in love and service, empowering the youth, inspiring families to live and spread the Gospel values.


Mass Timings In Lent - Change in Evening Mass Timings on Sundays.

- Mass in Marathi at 4.30 pm
- Mass in Konkani at 5.30 pm
- Mass in English at 6.30 pm

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Way of the Cross at 6.45 pm:

- Tuesdays in Konkani
- Wednesdays in Marathi
- Fridays in English

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