St. Andrew’s Church rebuilt in 1616

Ornate Main Altar

Eternal rest

Side view of the church


Losing Our Language

“Kos kos par badle paani, char kos par vaani”, a famous Hindi saying that has been used for decades to describe the high linguistic diversity in India, the world’s most diverse country. It roughly translates to, “Every 3 km (approximately 1 ‘kos’), the taste of water...

What Is The Reason For Having A Community Fund?

Every parish is a large family, consisting of several families. The members of the family share a common bond and identity. In every family, there are some, who because of special circumstances need extra care and attention. Some have more than they need, others lack...

Note To Parents: What Really Happens At Sunday School

Sunday School or Good News Classes as they are called in St. Andrew’s Church marked the end of a busy week for many children of the parish. Kids would come to church excited about meeting their friends and learning about the Bible, all the while forming a close bond...


Circa 1575, the church of St. Andrew was built at the dawn of Christianity in Bombay (Mumbai). For over four centuries, it has withstood the fury of the Monsoons and political upheaval. While even a visitor from the 16th century would instantly recognize this heritage church, it has evolved into a vibrant Parish of the 21st century. We invite you, dear Visitor, to take a tour around our website.




To be a worshipping community, reaching out to others in love and service, empowering the youth, inspiring families to live and spread the Gospel values.