The Youth Mass in June kick started a host of activities lined up for the tweens through the year. However, this youth mass did not start and end with the mass. A discussion was held on a topic closest to the youth’s heart – dating. Basil Rodrigues, a pastoral worker for Couples for Christ (Santa Cruz) and Corette Crasto (lead cantor for the youth and longest serving Confirmation animator) had an interactive session on Christian Dating in place of a homily.

Basil Rodrigues initiated the session with, what it means to be in a relationship. He delved into topics on getting to know the person and not the body. Young couples should aim for a pure relationship revolving on chastity and how to each partner should grow in Christ, not in a sinful relationship.

Corette Crasto elaborated on other topics pertaining to the youth. How and why you should take the first step-even girls, how to take it to the next stage of interaction, why you do not change yourself for the other person, and ways to deal with a broken relationship.

The Q and A session brought up interesting questions such as:

  • How to discern if a boy/girl who seems religious is actually a good person?
  • Why you should enjoy singlehood.
  • How to deal with a situation where a boy/girl is taking advantage of you, but is not interested in you?
  • What to do if the relationship is not working out, but the guy is persistent about staying in a relationship?

Dating has evolved since parents were teenagers; hence, it is important to have a healthy discussion. The youth mass was a safe space for teenagers and tweens to explore dating through the Christian spectrum.