Recently, St. Andrew Church formed a Prison Ministry Unit and we, the Andrean Youth Movement (AYM) joined them on one of their visits. Thanks to Fr. Allwyn Nazareth’s interest in this Ministry, we experienced first-hand the life at the Children’s Correctional Home at Dongri.

On 25th August, the set out to meet the boys and girls at this home. The children bought to this home are runaways or caught for petty crimes. They stay here till their parents can be located and if not, they are shifted to rehabilitation homes. First, we visited the girl’s section then the boys where they sang songs and danced too.

There’s a third section too called Criminal Section or CR Section (conflict by law), but we weren’t allowed there. We only went to the first floor where the boys showed us some of the carpentry, needlework and paintings done. It was remarkable that these children were trained in carpentry, art, and loved playing sports.

Support Prison Ministry India:

·       Volunteer your time

·       Donate cash

·       Donate clothes for children

Those interested please contact the Parish Office to get in touch with the Prison Ministry volunteers of St. Andrew’s Parish.

By Andrean Youth Movement