King Jehosh’aphat was a radical, God fearing King of Judah. When He learnt about the huge army advancing towards the city, he surrendered the fate of his city into the hands of God. He decided to appoint singers to the frontline of his army; these not-at-all muscular men led the army of Judah into battle. They were told to sing to the Lord and praise God. And, when they began to sing and praise the Lord, the Lord went to the enemy army marching towards King Jehosh’aphat and destroyed them.

The Bible tells us many more stories of the pivotal role music serves in worshipping God. God had appointed musicians and singers—Isaiah 6:2 and Luke 2:14, speaks of Angels surrounding the throne of God, singing and proclaiming God’s glory.

We have our own little choir of angels that sing every Sunday at the 8:00 am Mass. They brave the rains and the cosy weather, to wake up bright and early.

Yes, these young children are progressively learning commitment and dedication at an early age. Our children’s choir facilitates an environment for children of all ages, to come together and learn how to interact within the community. They learn to share responsibilities and to serve the Church.

Glenn Schellenberg, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, Mississauga, found that exposure to music at a young age has many non-musical benefits as well. Our children learn various social skills and improve on their intellectual abilities such as selective attention and memory for verbal stimuli.

Although there are other out-of-school activities that will also help to improve a child’s intellectual and social skills, music is an art that lots of children enjoy and are more likely to continue with for years.

For children who wish to delve further into the world of music and would like to showcase their talent; our parish hosts the All Bandra Zonal Talent Contest every year. Thus our young ones also get the chance to perform on a stage, win hearts, grow in self confidence and make wonderful memories.

We, as Catholics, are blessed that our children have so many opportunities for Musical Education and Musical performance within our parish. We wish to thank our Children’s Choir Teachers – Sarita, Anne-Marie, Marie-Fleur, and Sunita for the work, patience, and love that they selflessly pour into training the children’s choir.

We also wish to thank our parish team of priests, our Zonals Committee, parents, teachers and the all those working behind the scenes to grow the children of our parish community.

“I play the notes as they are written, but it is God who makes the music”- J. S. Bach

By Lourdes Netto