32nd  Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                                  12th November, 2017

11th /12th November, 2017

  • Sunday School as usual after the 8.00 am Children’s Mass.
  • Andrews’ Parish Feast – Parish Family Fiesta will be held on Sunday, 3rd December from 7.00 pm onwards at Annexe Andrea-St. Andrews School Quadrangle. The Parish Nite includes Fellowship programme and dinner. We look forward to having maximum parishioners joining in the feast fellowship. Entry passes will be available from next Sunday onwards with the parish office and Zonal leaders.
  • Pope Francis has declared 19th November “World Day of the Poor”. In our Archdiocese the Cardinal has decided that we help the poor in kind.  Those of you who wish to, can contribute pulses, rice, sugar and toilet articles in containers which will be kept in Meeting Room 1.  They will later be put in bags and distributed to the needy through the SVP and the CCO.
  • Micro Greens: A Hands-on workshop on how to grow micro-greens at home will be conducted next Sunday, 19th November at 10.30am in the Bosco hall. Kindly register with the Parish office or Fr. Allwyn. This workshop is only for 50 participants.
  • Kindly look up the notice board:
  • The Bombay Catholic Sabha, St. Theresa’s Unit Inter Religious Meeting on 14th
  • Free Dance Workshop on 12th November at Prathanalaya
  • Copies of the Bible diary for 2017-18 are available at the Book Stall. Rs. 130 a copy.
  • Last Sunday’s Collection amounted to Rs. 71,180/= Box Collection Rs.13,900/=.
  • Collection made for the Missions are as follows:

Community Mela Collection: 1,96,867/= in cash, Rs. 50,000/= in cheque.

Ladies Sodality: Rs. 8,000/=

Konkani Sodality: Rs. 8,800/=

Mission Box Collection: Rs. 18,910/=

  • Sincere thanks to the communities who worked hard.  This entire amount will be sent to the Archdiocese.
  • The Little Sisters of the Poor are truly grateful to you dear parishioners for your generosity. The collection made by them last weekend for the reconstruction of the Home for the Aged amounted to Rs.1,32,000 in cash and Rs.1,31,000/= in cheque. They will pray for the sick and ailing parishioners that God be with them, sustain and grant them a happy recovery.

                                                         PARISH PRIEST