Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                                17th June, 2018

16th / 17th  June 2018

  1. The Parish Youth Music Ministry invites all Parish Youth for a Prayer Service in the Bosco Hall on Sunday, 17th June at 7.00 pm.
  2. Parish Youth Mass next Sunday 24th June at the St. Andrews College Chapel at 10.30am. All college and working youth are cordially invited to join in.
  3. Confirmation Catechesis begins on Friday 22nd June at 7.00pm in the Bosco Hall. Those who have still not registered are requested to collect the form at the Parish Office.
  4. The Bible Cell welcomes all to an adventurous journey to discover the treasures of the Word of God and be transformed on the way. The classes begin on 20th June at 7.00 pm in Bosco Hall.
  5. Last Sunday’s Collection amounted to Rs.55,800/=. This amount will be sent to the Archbishop’s House for the maintenance of poor parishes in the archdiocese. Box Collection Rs.12,090/= May God bless you for your generous contribution.

                                                                        PARISH PRIEST