27th / 28th December 2014

1. No Sunday School on 28th December and 4th January.
2. Valencia Caterers will be having the 2nd Crib and Star competition. Last date for registration is 28th December. For details see the notice board.
3. Couples in their 3rd and 4th month of their pregnancy should kindly register themselves for the pre-baptismal course at the Parish Office. Course details will be intimated to you later.
4. Steering Committee Members who have not yet collected their calendars are requested to kindly do so from the Parish Office as soon as possible.
5. The Diocesan Youth Centre is organizing the biggest Youth Choir Competition titled “Diocesan Youth Singing Competition 2014 at St. Andrew’s Auditorium, Bandra on 30th December at 6.00 pm sharp. The event is OPEN TO ALL (not only youth). Passes are priced at Rs.100/- each. For details look up the notice board.
6. Andrean Notes Dec Issue Crossword to be submitted by 10th January 2015 and not 30th December, 2014 as mentioned in the bulletin. A blow up of the crossword is put up on all the notice boards.
7. Please note that on Wednesday, 31st December there will be NO Evening Mass. Holy Hour of Thanksgiving in the Church at 11.00 pm followed by Mass.
8. Thursday, 1st January, 2015 is the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. Morning Masses at 6.00,7.00, 8.00 & 9.30 am. Evening Mass at 7.15 pm.
9. There will be NO HOLY HOUR on Friday, 2nd January.