5th /6th December, 2015

  1. The Parish Fathers wish you all dear Parishioners a very happy feast. May St. Andrew bless you and your families.
  1. Parishioners are requested to take Family Photographs with the placard “WOW” to be used for the Christmas Crib. Photos will be taken after the 8.00 and 9.30 am Masses in the Church compound.
  1. Mass Bookings for the months of Jan and February 2016 will begin on Monday, 7th December from 9.30 am to 12.00 noon.
  1. The World Mission Rosary will be recited on 8th You are requested to kindly gather at the Grotto at 7.00 pm and then proceed to the Church after the Angelus. Please come in large numbers as we need to pray for World Peace.
  1. Navjeet Community Health Centre will hold their annual Christmas Mela in the Holy Family Hospital Premises on 8th and 9th December, 2015 from 10 am to 6 pm.
  1. Eucharistic Ministers’ Meeting on Friday, 11th December at 8.00 pm in Room No: 2.
  1. The Ex-student Association of the Apostolic Carmel High School is holding a White Elephant Sale of Sundry household articles at throw away prices on Sunday, 13th December between 8.00 am to 12.00 noon in their School Hall. Please refer to the notice board for further details.
  1. Navjeet Community Centre of Holy Family Hospital is staging a Christmas Music Concert produced by Felix Flor featuring leading choirs on Thursday, 17th December at St. Andrew’s Auditorium. Please see the notice board for details.
  1. Andrew by-the-sea – A guide to the art and times of the Church is available at the Book Stall and Parish Office at Rs. 200/= per copy. Bible Diaries for the year 2016 also available at the book stall for at Rs. 125/=
  1. Priests and Sisters spend many years in training. Today, more than ever before, we realize that the members of Christ’s faithful are also in need of training. THE NATIONAL BIBLICAL CATECHETICAL AND LITURGICAL CENTRE, BANGALORE offer many courses for lay people through the year. A list is put up on the board. Young people and not so young people can volunteer for these courses. The parish will be happy to sponsor volunteers.