What can I bring that would be pleasing to my king? I have no gold or frankincense or myrrh……. But hey! I could offer Him those lessons learnt from the joy of sharing. My understanding on how to appreciate another’s contribution through team spirit. My sense of self worth and self esteem that comes from a job well appreciated or my self confidence that comes from exposure to an audience via the medium of the stage. Like the Three Kings that sought the Babe in the Manger bearing gifts, gifts of a different kind were borne to the same manger from the tender hearts of underprivileged children nurtured at the Andrean Social Service Centre.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of preparations for the annual Christmas party, our children’s priority was the opening item, The Christmas Tableau, complete with costumes and carols, beautifully rendered, which allowed us the opportunity to ponder the true meaning of Christmas ….the simplicity of our God willing to assume humanity where humility and lowliness are the most regal of honours. Their tableau, one of their
many gifts to the King, was a simple and joyful expression of thanks, for the year 2014 has not just been a year of academics, but one sprinkled with many opportunities adding that sparkle to their personalities, providing them with their own individual sense of self worth that will help them to go
forward as they make their way into the world.

The sheer transparency of these wonder years was so evident at the Christmas Party that was generously
sponsored by friends and well wishers from St. Peter’s Church, Bronsgrove, U.K. Santa’s colourful arrival heralded the good times that flowed that evening. Games and distributions of sweets was followed by gifts……kitchen sets for little girls, dinky cars for little boys and more challenging games for the older children. Not to be forgotten, students of the Adult Literacy Class received a surprise gift from
benefactors of the Centre who had returned to India for Christmas – screwdriver sets, flashlights, kitchen scissors, multi meters etc.

Noisy music, colourful balloons, bon bons, snack boxes and barrels of fun left our children incredibly happy and thoroughly exhausted. This was a Christmas of learning. Learning how to pass the goodwill on.

Beryl Pinto