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“When I found your words, I devoured them; they became my joy and the happiness of my heart”. Jer 15:16

Attending Bible Class week after week with Fr. Anthony is a joyful encounter with God’s Word that is life-transforming, strengthening food for the mind, heart and soul. Each study includes video clippings on the topic, printed notes accompanied with impactful PowerPoint presentations, which are also posted on the Bible Study WhatsApp group. This only increases the depth of understanding Our Loving God and brings us closer to Him.

It has been a fruitful six months of Bible Study beginning on 4th October 2017 with the Gospel of John. It was so apt, as John1:1 begins with “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Fr. Walter D’souza, head of the Bible Team, Archdiocese of Mumbai initiated our first session where he gave us insights on this gospel. He dwelt on the miracle at Cana and the appearance of Jesus at the empty tomb to his disciples, how they looked, saw, found and believed. Fr. Anthony Alphonso, our in-house resource person continued the sessions with John. He has successfully aroused in us love for the Scriptures, teaching in a lucid way, the treasures of the Bible, connecting the New Testament to the Old Testament. Jesus as The Light, The Gate, The Good Shepherd, The Resurrection and The Life is one with us through the Word, the Eucharist and in community.

Before Christmas, we were taken through the ‘Infancy narratives’ of Jesus in The Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Highlighting, how like the Magi, we go another Way once we encounter Christ in our lives. Mr. Joaquim Mascarenhas, a student of the Ministry of the Word and our parishioner ably taught on the birth of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke.

The New Year began with the Heart of the Bible, a bird’s eye-view of the Covenants made by our Ever-loving God and Father. The New Covenant in Christ Jesus will culminate in a New Heaven and a New Earth.

The two recently concluded sessions on the ‘Passion narrative’ from the Gospel of John. It begins with the agony in the garden, and ends with the resurrection of Jesus in the garden, reminds us of the primordial paradise of creation and the Lord restoring its pristine glory as the true King. These sessions gave us a deeper meaning to the ‘Passion of Christ’ in our lives, and prepared us for the Holy Week.

Fr. Anthony’s inspiring and insightful inputs have given the Bible Study Group an invigorating thrust to read the word of God. If you are thirsting for the truth and seeking to understand the Good News and experience the love of the Eternal Father, the wisdom of his Beloved Son, Jesus and the power of Holy Spirit, then welcome to these life transforming Bible Studies, every Wednesday from 7 pm onwards in Bosco Hall.

(Bible Cell Team, with inputs from Bible Study Members)