When there are too many problems in life, you become short tempered, negative, or resentful. It happens to the best of us, but how we deal with these negative emotions is what matters. So, when Lourdes Netto of the Andrean Youth Movement’s (AYM) Liturgical Wing invited me to join in the carol singing for the housebound, I unknowingly dove into a surreal experience.

First of all, I can’t sing to save my soul, but along with the youth, we focused on spreading the melody and harmony of the Good Ole Christmas Joy. We decided to bring this joy into the homes of the old, sick and ailing members of our parish. Out of the 150 housebound parishioners receiving communion at home, the AYM covered 98 homes over the four weeks of December. The remaining 52 parishioners were either staying with relatives from other parishes or were not well.

Though I joined them for five days, it was filled with tears, laughter, smiles, gratitude, and I’m sure some of the housebound were ready to adopt us. Initially, I was reluctant because Christmas was in few days and preparing Christmas sweets is not for the faint hearted.

However, time slows down when you really want to do something meaningful. All that time “spent” was multiplied in inner happiness, somehow Fr. Magi Murzello narrowed down on the same theme for St. Andrew Church, School & College—Share Your Inner Joy (inJoy).

However, it wasn’t just me. We, the carol singers experienced this inner joy as a group. We lost all inhibitions and selfishness with this experience. It was all about making the housebound happy, even if it meant taking multiple pictures, so they can share it with their relatives or children abroad.

Besides the caroling, the housebound were in anticipation to meet youthful, cheerful faces. They were eager to share their stories and we were all ears.

The entire experience made me count my blessings, but opened my eyes to how families are caring for their housebound, in spite of their many hardships and limitations. May God bless our caregivers for all the sacrifices they make every day. It definitely bursts the bubble of the lives we live in.

This beautiful initiative was started in 2016, under the guidance of Fr. Allwyn Nazareth and the AYM Liturgical wing. The youth received a great response, which has encouraged them to continue it every year. A special thanks to our Eucharistic Ministers, who coordinated with the caregivers and the housebound.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”- Mother Teresa. This inner peace and joy is addictive, care to experience it. Join the AYM next year as they go Carol singing to our housebound.

Trina Remedios
(Andrean Media Cell)