I can think of no better way to enjoy a vacation than teaching children the Word of God.  Vacation Bible Joy is a week-long programme where children are introduced to the Word of God through biblical verses, action songs and activities and PowerPoint presentation.

This year, Fr. Antony Alphonso and his team of teachers conducted the Vacation Bible Joy from October 16th – 21st. The Archdiocese chose the theme, ‘The Ten Freedoms’ to strengthen the democratic values, develop a deeper understanding of the Commandments, and the meaning of true freedom. Daily lessons included a general assembly, memorising biblical verses, understanding Jesus’ interpretation of the Commandments and learning how to apply the Commandments to daily living.

At the finale, the children displayed their knowledge of the Commandments through song and different groups enacted the Commandments. The children’s well-crafted art prepared over the days was showcased in an exhibition.

However, the true delight that the teachers felt, when the children recited the memory versus and recalled the Ten Freedoms with confidence.

Thank you, Fr. Antony, for giving us this opportunity to take God’s word to His children.

By Nicole D’souza