One of the questions many people ask me is how my mum let me join priesthood since I’m the only child and lost my father at the age of two. The answer is that my mother gladly let me join the seminary as she offered me to God because he saved me from leukemia at the age of five.

My call to join the religious life was quite a shock to me, as I was not the holy priestly type.  Initially I refused to accept the call of Jesus. My biggest argument with Him, was why me, when you can choose from the lakhs of boys. However, I accepted my vocation when I realised that out of the lakhs that he could have chosen, he chose me. Another thing that gave me further courage to say yes to Jesus was the words of my pre-novice director. “Jesus does not choose us for who we were, or are, but for who we can become”.

As I went through my formation, I began to see God’s plan unfold in my life. All for the Greater Glory of God is the motto that keeps every Jesuit moving forward. It was this motto that inspired me understand myself. Also, it helped me face the different challenges that came about, through people and my involvement in different works.

At present, I am in Premanjali, on the staff. It is a counselling institute, which offers counselling services to families and trains counsellors too. I did my post-graduate diploma in Counselling Psychology in Bangalore. This a field that I love so much. It is such a satisfying and grace filled work. It is such a wonderful feeling to help people understand who they are, and work towards healing themselves and being the best that they are created to be.

My message to the youth is “Just fall in love and stay in love with Jesus”. There is a culture of hopelessness slowing permeating our society and sadly, it leads to a sense of loneliness and helplessness. Find ways to truly spend time with God and make him the center of your life. You will slowly begin to experience a courage and power to achieve great things in your life. You are the future of the church and it is by your example that the church will be kept alive and have a future; the more you let Jesus be part of you, the more you will reflect him in who you are and what you do.