As I sat there in Church that day

I listened to what the preacher had to say

Words of wisdom that struck me to the core

Taught me a lesson forevermore

As I sat up and took note of what he said

The message resounded in my head…


Cast away the sorrow and the woe

It will stifle you, not let you grow…

Focus instead on the now

Be thankful for all in your life that is wow…


As I stopped and pondered over those words

I realized the far reaching implication

Of what I had heard


I was down in the dumps when I got to know

That my dad had to sail just as Christmas drew near

Then I thought…he’s always back to take us for holidays and trips

The festivities begin again, whenever he’s here


Not so for Vismaya, the little girl who lost,

Her dad, Lt. Col. Niranjan Kumar at Pathankot

He gave up his life for a noble cause

It made me stop, it made me pause,

Her daddy’s not coming back any more

I dwelt on all I had to be grateful for


I think of all the times when I’ve been down

Ever-willing to grumble, to wear a frown

Not now, no more I say

As I vow…

To be more appreciative of all

In my life

That is WOW!!

Ms. Louella Vas