For our daily bread any day

From Monday to Sunday

There’s a scramble to get it

At the quaint A1, the lovable popular hit


Holy Mass over and the march starts

Young and old able feeble and disabled

Charging on foot, walking sticks, 4 and 2 wheelers

Armed with plastic bags cloth bags and ready change between fingers


A dozen and more hands thrust through the crowds available space

Asking for gutlis, bruns polis and buns

Pattice rolls cookies cakes and scones

And after they get their want Oh! The triumphant smile on their face


Truly they are A1, the bakery and breads

It’s also a meeting place for parishioners and friends

A ‘Hi! there’ with back slapping and ‘seeing you after along time’

Can be often heard and on Christmas, Easter hugs and kisses – Oh My!


God bless the A1 bakery owner and his men

Who serve each one with a smile and nod of their head

God bless the faithful of Andrews and Peter’s

Who patronize A1 along with other Bandra bread eaters

Ms. Celine D’souza