In his Apostolic Exhortation, “Gaudete et Exsulate” on the Call to Holiness, Pope Francis invites us to focus on the Beatitudes; they help us attain holiness in our daily living.

Thus, this year the children’s Marian Novena at St. Andrew’s Church, was based on the 9 Beatitudes. In the Beatitudes Jesus teaches us the way to be happy in this world and gives us his own Blessed Mother as an example of his teaching. The Virgin Mary lived a life of poverty. At the presentation of Jesus in the Temple, she offered to God what the poor could offer. In being meek, Mary approached each situation with tranquility of spirit that allowed her to accept and trust in the power of Divine providence. She stood by her Son, to comfort and console Him right up to His dying moments. Mourning for the death of her Son, did not stop her from being a source of consolation to the Apostles. The presentations highlighted Mary as the model of spiritual happiness and epitome of holiness.

Fr. Anthony Alphonsus and Genevieve D’Costa spearheaded the preparations along with the talented teachers of the Good News classes; they made each day’s novena enlightening and enjoyable.

Sarita Manchanda and Marie Fleur Simoes had the choir giving us their best. The children and adults attending the Novena appreciated the PowerPoint Presentations, prayers of the faithful, and the homilies by the priests or deacons who were invited from other parishes.

The Small Christian Communities (SCCs) of our Parish actively participated by providing and distributing snacks to the children, each day, after the service. The Women’s Cell helped in updating the mementos according to the theme of the day.

Thanks to our Parish Priest, Fr. Caesar D’Mello and his team of priests for their support and encouragement.

Finally, the success of our Marian Novena is the co-operation and selfless service of our parishioners and sponsors, together with our Clergy took an important step towards attaining holiness in our daily living through Our Mother Mary. THAT! Would make Pope Francis rejoice.

By The Careismatic Catechist Team