Every year the children look forward to the Novena of Our Lady. This year the Good News classes of our parish conducted the novena of the Nativity of Mother Mary, under the guidance of their Spiritual Director, Fr. Anthony Alphonsus.

Great amount of research and teamwork went into preparing the Liturgy for each day. This year the theme was The Girl Child and the Virtues of Mary. The virtues included were Hope, Faith, Obedience, and Humility to name a few. Whereas the themes were Mary’s pre-existence in God’s mind, Mary needed a safe home, etc. Every day the theme reflected on Mary with a special message for the children. Following this, a short video was played based on the theme.

On the side altar, around the statue of Mother Mary, the Evangelical Star was set, depicting the Virtues of Mary and the theme of the day. We adapted the idea for the star from a church ceiling in Poland. A replica the same Star was handed out to each child on the first day. Every day the children dropped their discs at the Women’s Cell before mass. The members of the Women’s Cell meticulously stuck the virtues and the theme of the day on each child’s star.

The Novenas were not only about Mother Mary, but also about giving and sharing our resources that God has blessed us with. We are grateful to the generous sponsors who donated towards the printing of the star discs and stickers, and creating the cut out of the Evangelical Star for the altar. Thanks to the sponsor who donated the snacks, on the feast day for each child who came for the Eucharist. Three days were allotted, when the kids brought rice, pulses and donation in cash to buy cooking oil, which was offered to Mother Teresa’s Roses for the good work they carry out. Special thanks to all the communities of the Parish who sponsored the snacks for the children that came for the novena. We would like to thank the various Priests from outside our parish, who took time out to come and celebrate the Eucharist for us in spite of their busy schedule.

At the end of the nine days of the novena, on the Birthday of Mama Mary and the day especially dedicated to the Girl Child, all the children came in their finery. Before the Eucharistic Celebration, the little ones entered in procession with a flower in their hand and placed it in a vase before Mama Mary. A befitting end to the novena was when our First Communicants group sang an action song, followed with the Salve Regina. I am sure each child and adult who made the Novena of the Nativity of Mary was blessed by Our Blessed Mother. Ave Maria.

By June Rodriques – Catechist