Fr. Peter Gonsalves SDB was very recently appointed by Pope Francis as one of the 13 new consultors to the Vatican’s  Secretariat for Communication.  He is also the dean of the Faculty of Social Communication Sciences of Rome’s Pontifical ‎Salesian University.

The Andrean Youth Council were a privileged few to interact with Fr. Peter Gonsalves after he celebrated the 9.30am Parish Mass.

The essence of his interaction contained in the powerful message of how every single youth in today’s techno-savvy world can be an effective communicator of Christ and his Gospel. He showed the youth the multi-faceted face of the media world where one has to be discerning and wise and not led by vested interests and commercial strategies.

Fr. Peter graciously answered queries of the youth ranging from the Vatican’s stand on issues like ‘the missionary-Fr. Tom’s captivity’, ‘ban on certain literature and movies’, ‘life in the Vatican’ ‘Pope Francis and His interaction with social media’ etc.

Fr. Peter is a complete Bandra boy and his home is at Carter Road. In 1992 Fr. Peter founded Tej-‎Prasarini, a nation-wide multimedia production and training centre and through it he has conducted training courses all over the country and abroad on media education for schoolteachers, social workers and youth facilitators from diverse ‎ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.‎

Fr. Peter is author of three outstanding scholarly academic publications on the father of the Indian nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Their names are ‘Clothing for Liberation’, ‘Khadi’ & ‘Gandhi and the Popes’.

In his final words to the Youth Council Members, Fr. Peter urged them to live in the awareness of God’s Presence and especially be aware and open to how the Spirit of God leads you onward through the events of your life.

As an extraordinary song writer and musician, some of Fr. Peters’ popular compositions include, ‘God still loves the world-every tiny star’ ‘All for You’ ‘Hail Mary full of grace’ ‘Song for a new beginning’ and many, many others.

Fr. Peter Gonsalves SDB has truly made Bandra proud. May God continue to bless and reward his tireless efforts.

By AYM Correspondent