Fr. Caesar D’Mello replies to Sunita D’souza’s question, which is on top of everyone’s mind…

Q) Is it a sin to miss Sunday Mass without a valid reason?

Fact: In 1994, the Church published the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), which says in paragraph 2180, “On Sundays the faithful are bound to participate in the Mass.” Paragraph 2181 clarifies it, “Those who deliberately fail in this obligation commit a grave sin.

Practicality In Modern Times: However, the commandments of the Church, which are primarily set as obligations, interprets on these lines too. When we reflect on who God is and who we are, we realise we need to offer some kind of worship to the God who made us. Also, the Christian understanding of God entails worshipping Him not as an individual, but as a community, hence we have a fixed time on Saturday evenings or Sundays.

Much more than an individual act, sin springs from a sinful attitude. This kind of disposition defines who we are. A person who seldom goes to Church and is not at all worried about the Sunday obligation is quite different from a person who is very regular at Mass on Sundays and says tomorrow is Sunday but I need to take a break with my friends and will miss mass.