Our  Church

Source : Andrean Vista 1976St. Andrew’s Church located on Hill Road is part of the Archdiocese of Bombay. The current church building was building in 1616 and it will celebrating its 400th anniversary in 2016, making it one of the oldest churches in the Archdiocese. There is a Jesuit report of 1669 stating that the St. Andrew Church was built later than St. Anne’s. However, the church of St. Anne (not to be confused with the present day church but the church near the former slaughter house at the Bandra Station) with surrounding fortifications was blown up by the English in 1739, leaving St. Andrews as the only church in Bandra. Other churches including present day St. Anne’s and other chapels came up later on the 19th century.


St Andrews5The edifice of the Church of Saint Andrew, as it stands today, was probably built around 1599, going by references, in the order of the Jesuit Provincial (1596-1602) to build a new church in Bandra which was subsequently described as the biggest and best of all those in the island of Salsette and was the parish church of Bandra. The Church of Saint Andrew is a heritage building and its architecture, statuary, altars, stations of the cross, etc. are a visual delight. There are two towers flanking the facade of the church, one of which is the belfry. Incidentally, the church was extended in 1965-66 (during the vicariate of Msgr. George Fernandes) keeping the original facade intact. After the passing away of Msgr. George, there have been several other Parish Priests including Msgr. Nereus Rodriques, Fr. Clepophas Fernandes, Fr. Peter Drego, Fr. Vernon Aguiar and Fr. Michael Goveas. Fr. Caesar D’Mello became the Parish Pries in July 2014.