Pueri Cantores’ is an international organisation which aims at training and forming young choirs in sacred music. Joe and Celeste Cordo established the first Indian branch -Pueri Cantores India Federation. On 14th December 2014, the 11th Annual Festival of Religious and Sacred Choral Music was held, beginning with a Mass that morning celebrated by Fr. Aniceto at St Peter Church, Bandra. It was a beautiful
experience with all the choirs singing.
The theme song ‘Broken for All’ was composed by Dawn Cordo.

Peace Walk: On the 13th of December, 2014, the Peace Walk was conducted. We were 150 participants from different parishes. The Walk was from St Anne Church and St Peter Church to Mount Mary Church. We chanted various mantras throughout the Walk, while stopping at many places. Charts and slogans were held up high spreading the message of peace. The Walk concluded with Holy Hour at the Mount.

Gala Concert : Choirs from all over Mumbai like the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Borivali ; St
Anthony’s Church, Vakola and others from Bandra itself came together along with St Helena’s School, Pune
to put up a fabulous, spiritual evening of sacred music.

St Andrew’s Choir led by Ms Rose Curtis made a great impression that evening. The choir consisted of
fourteen girls and a boy who with hours of practice and lots of fun put up a stellar performance of African Alleluia, the Calypso Clapping Carol and the song ‘Christ was born on Christmas Day’. The accompanists were Amanda Soares and Aaron Valladares.

The Pueri Cantores is a beautiful way of getting the Youth from the age of 8 to 27 involved in praising God through music and song. It is never about the best voice but about using our talent to spread the message of God. It is a great platform for the youth of various parishes to interact.

We enjoyed the experience immensely and look forward to the next festival.

– Harlynn Homan, Marylou D’Souza & Lourdes Netto