Parish Priest, Fr. Caesar D’Mello answers parishioners’ questions.

Is it true that “transubstantiation” does not take place in the “NOVUS ORDO” MASS? Clergymen and a priest who laboured in this diocese for 15 years told us this. He married after the leaving the church and joined a Protestant denomination as a pastor?

In the year 1570, Pius V, by a Papal Bull, “Quo Primum” introducing what has come to be known as the Tridentine Mass. After the Second Vatican Council, Pope Paul VI in 1969 collated all the suggestions from the Bishops and promulgated the Novus Ordo. Cardinal Marcel Lefebre did not accept the Second Vatican Council and declared that all those who celebrated mass according to the Novus Ordo celebrated the Mass invalidly. This is what is meant by the expression ‘transubstantiation does not take place in the Novus Ordo’.

All the clergy who told you that transubstantiation does not take place in the Novus Ordo would seem to be followers of Cardinal Marcel Lefebre or have accepted his ideas. The Church excommunicated Cardinal Lefebre when he went on to ordain Bishops, against the explicit command of the Pope. He has now started his own society known as “Society of St. Pius X”.

I’m surprised that you would value the words of a priest who served for 15 years, married after leaving the church and joined a protestant denomination as a pastor.

If you accept what the clergy told you about the Mass of the Novus Ordo being invalid, you would set yourself against the 2,500 Bishops from all over the world who accepted the conclusions of the Second Vatican Council. Besides, all the Masses you have heard by priests who were ordained after 1969 would also be invalid.