Tuesday, 19 September 2017, was the day when a storm raged from a depression across the West coast covering Gujarat to Kerala. Cloudburst, incessant rains, and streaks of lightening coinciding with the high tide brought the city and its suburbs to a trembling halt.

I was at home unlike the thousands of office goers who were stranded for want of any conveyance to reach their homes. However, I locked myself indoors, too frightened to step outside, after similar conditions on August 29.

Strong winds gushed through the passageway between the shops facing Hill Road and the row of cottages in one of which I live. I was awakened from my afternoon siesta to a thunderous, ear- deafening crumble not of stone or mortar, but the collapse of a huge 300-400 kg eucalyptus tree. It grew stately over several years, to a height of 40-60 feet and 40-45 inches in diameter onto the roof of my house.

That was a moment I froze—too scared to shout out for help. The only words I could utter were ‘Jesus, save me and my house’. Another hard bounce and another and this time, I ran out of my house, for fear of being crushed to death, only to see that it crashed hard on the roof of the neighbouring ware-house. It caused no damage to human life, though it broke the tiles of the roof. To my amazement, not a single tile of my cottage was either broken or dislodged.

It was a miracle. I cried out to Jesus saying, “Lord, you are wonderful! You are my Saviour. Thank you Jesus, Praise you Jesus, I glorify you Jesus! I’m reminded of the hymn we sing in church:

Faith in God can move the mountains,

Trust in Him can calm the seas.

He’s my fortress he’s my stronghold

He’s the Rock who rescues me”

by Iris Lobo