The Youth of our Parish presented the Stations of the Cross using the mediums of song, dance, drama, mime and above all, using the vehicle of their uniqueness to make the Stations personal and prayerful for the large crowd of people that had turned out to witness their effort.

We were moved by the beautiful voices of our Youth. Fr. Allwyn Nazareth, did an excellent job of rounding up the youth and the youthful to put a Herculean team effort to make the Passion a prayer. The Parish at large, appreciated the Youth playing to their strengths to put up this meaningful presentation in such a short time. It had just a nice touch of song, dance, drama – yet it was not over-dramatic – so the message of Salvation could be heard clearly. The interaction of Veronica with the Lord and the Crucifixion were beautifully handled and enhanced by the singers.

Congratulations to our Youth who are slowly but surely getting together to form an effective and caring community under the guidance of the Youth animators, collaborators and Spiritual Director, Fr. Allwyn. Way to go!