A grandson honours his 100-year old grandma in the warmest way. It will make your heart melt.

“Try it with this little teaspoon, the tea won’t burn your tongue then, Sonna.” said the then 81-year old grandma to her baby grandson, whose hobby then, was to swiftly vacuum pinch the tea off his “nana’s” tiny teaspoon. At present, the roles have reversed, she at a century, he at 22. But what an honour it is to be fed, both literally and metaphorically by a centenarian who has witnessed events that has shaken and rebuilt the world over, who’s seen Bandra evolve from bungalow to building and from gardens to gases.

The wealth of every story told was measured by the quantity of tea in the cup and thereby every teaspoon that led to my feeding. I, the Grandson: The Lucky One. It is not just her incomparable ability to glue me like an adhesive to her stories, but her “great grandmotherly” traits, again literally and metaphorically – that warms me from within…unlike a Chinese soup. Born in the South of The British Raj, she was quite the Raani, having a good education, a large group of friends and surprisingly – her first boyfriend at 14! Well…I told you!

Later on, ‘my Raani’ ironically nestled herself in the ‘queen’ of the suburbs – Bandra, and turned into a common “D’Souza” wherefrom her simple qualities were marveled at by her family and society alike. She continued having a large circle of friends here and loved entertaining them at home. But a majority of these “Friends” were the poor and simple. What kept surprising everyone was her “NEED” to incessantly give. To give or not to give…that was NOT the question! Her impulse aided the benefit of another. Her actions pulled wide one’s cheeks into a smile. No, I am not exaggerating my poetry, neither have I ever seen another, this extraordinary! Living with her human faults, she embodied the month of December: of giving.

How fitting, that I get a chance to spend 22 Christmases with her. She, by my witness, is the true Santa Claus (Mrs.). A woman of stateliness, knowledge, values and most importantly a cultured and compassionate heart, she makes the perfect mother, grandmother, Great grandmother and dare I say “Great Great Grandmother” lest my nephews who are far older than me, decide to marry and bring their gift into the world. In the meantime, bombs are being manufactured, chaos prowls around the city, politicians scream from their podiums and children play at school but the teaspoon continues to be sipped: a 100 years on…

Happy birthday to My Nana, Nancy D’Souza, who embraced her century on 23rd November, 2017.

With Inexhaustible love,
Graham D’Souza (The Lucky One)