The Way of Light (Via Lucis) celebrates the most joyful time in the Christian liturgical year, the fifty days from Easter (the Resurrection) to Pentecost (decent of the Holy Spirit). The Way of Light is 14 recollections during this period and also called the Stations of the Resurrection.

To take up development of our faith as envisaged by the Second Vatican Council, Fr Magi felt it would be a good idea to do the Way of Light in St Andrew’s parish as a dawn breaking experience to build faith appreciation. After discussion with Fr Caesar, who was greatly infused with the idea Fr Magi brain stormed with the Mission SONshine team to bring it to fruit as a first time experience in the parish.

It was decided that the setting would be the Ascension of the Lord which incidentally is also the twelfth recollection. Announcements were made at Sunday mass and the parish was invited. Since 2015 is also the Year of Consecrated Life the 14 congregations in the parish were each assigned a recollection to make it more participative.


Mass was held at 5.30am on 17 May the Ascension of the Lord in the oratory to coincide with daybreak. The Mass was beautiful because as darkness changed to light our minds were open to the fuller meaning of the LIGHT of CHRIST. The readings of the day stressed HIS promise to send the Holy Spirit to guide us in HIS LIGHT – charging all to take forward the indwelling of his LIGHT with the gifts and fruit of the HOLY SPIRIT.


The Stations of the Resurrection followed as the sun rose beckoning a new day. The first recollection “Jesus rises from the dead” was held at the tomb of the Risen Lord to build on the experience of the two women who went to the tomb at daybreak. The next three stations – The disciples find the tomb empty – The Risen Christ appears to Mary Magdalene – The Risen Christ on the road to Emmaus were held in the church premises at appropriate pre assigned locations.


Then to give flair to the happenings as on the road to Emmaus all present were requested to buzz with a partner as they moved on foot to Carmel Convent hall for the balance 10 stations.

A life size cut out of JESUS on the stage beckoned all present to WAKE UP THE WORLD as each of the next 10 recollections were deliberated with the help of a digital projector. Thanks to Sr. Theodomira and Sr. Pearl-Anne the hall became a special room making the experience both electrifying and fantastic. All present were zapped and inspired to believe as the last reflection brought fuller meaning to the decent of the Holy Spirit.

In keeping with the theme, all present were then invited to a Resurrection breakfast to make friends and meet and greet. A creative culinary display was set up by Penny Fonseca among which were an empty tomb of bread to signifying the resurrection, a special scramble egg display of hens and chicks, (egg is a symbol of Christ’s Resurrection hence seen most often at Easter) and yellow bananas with chocolate nutties set as a sun flower reinforced the message that we need to be SONshine people spreading the love and joy of the Lord.

John Curtis

Mission SONshine team