Lent offers us so many experiences to imitate and relive the Christ’s life.  Among those, is walking the road to Calvary with our Lord via the Stations of the Cross.

The Youth of St. Andrew’s Parish worked together to give us “With Love from the Cross” on Friday, March 16. The experience of our Lord’s journey to Calvary was an intimate and prayerful dialogue between our Lord Jesus and the people involved in His condemnation, passion and death, but in a very contemporary way.  The road to Calvary was not in the distant past, but in the here and now with Jesus giving His message to all who encounter Him on the road, even today with their cell phones and presence on social media.

The Youth scripted the Stations of the Cross, enacted the different roles, chose the music, did the audio visual to support the presentation and the result was a cohesive and well thought out presentation. Of course, our Youth at St. Andrew’s Parish are blessed with a wealth of talent, which assisted us who came in the spiritual reflection, but it was the teamwork that was noteworthy.

Jesus’ encounter with His mother, Veronica, Simon of Cyrene, the women of Jerusalem, Nicodemus gave us a deep and intimate youth perspective. There was moving witness given by real-life experiences at other stations too, which brought home lovingly our close connection with each other in our common needs of love, faith, empathy, integrity and more on life’s road.

The Youth Director has done tremendous work to get the Youth of the Parish into a vibrant and dynamic community. The Andrean Youth Movement is growing in strength, experiencing Jesus. Kudos to Corette Crasto for joyfully, yet firmly steering the youth by her listening skills and action.  Jonathan D’Souza in the role of Jesus used his theatre experience and more to deliver the message strongly and in a way that was appealing especially to the young.  Of course, the melodious voices of Alisha, Petra and Samantha brought home the message in song.

As we draw close to Easter, may His love grow through us all as we discover His abundance in our lives thanks to experiences given by our Youth with love from the Cross.

by Lira D’Mello